The City (di Matthew Modine)

New York, 1988

New York, 1988

A city of stalagmites

Stone, steel and glass

Babel-like towers that scratch at the sky.

Blacktop streets melt and ooze in hot summer sun.

A melange of spent-chewing-gum-blobs dot sidewalks

Pink, blue, white, grey and black.

The earth rumbles beneath ones feet and a steaming blast of hot breath rises from a subway grate

Thick and wet. Like a lusty, muscly kiss of a two hundred dollar whore.

Swimming through it all is a horde of humanity

A throng, A mob, A crush, A flood

A ballet of movement and avoidance

All colors, shapes and sizes

All religions and no religions at all Rich men,  poor men

Wise men and fools.

Dreamers all.



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